Cross Lake Shreveport Boat Launches and Marinas

There are six boat launches and Marinas on Cross Lake in Shreveport: Melvin’s Landing, Barron’s Landing & Marina, Ark-La-Tex Landing, Municipal Pier & Boat Launch, Johnson’s Fishing Camp and Shreveport Yacht Club.  The Municipal Pier and Boat Launch is the only one that’s free, and the others charge a small fee, but are less crowded.   Melvin’s is my favorite, it has 89 octane gas with no ethanol.   You can also get gas at most of these.  The map below will show you the address & phone number for each.  Otto’s Lakeshore, 5785 S Lakeshore Dr Shreveport, LA 71119-3941 – this is the gas station to go to and get fuel before you go out, they sell a 92 octane gas with no ethanol.

19 thoughts on “Cross Lake Shreveport Boat Launches and Marinas

  1. The Robert Fleming Park is located on the Northwest shoreline and is a free city operated boat launch with 2 ramps.

  2. Richard Fleming Park

    7919 West Lakeshore Drive
    Shreveport, Louisiana 71107
    (318) 929-2806

    Description of Facility: Located on Fordney Bayou where it empties into Cross Lake, this 15-acre park provides two boat ramps, a 60-foot dock, a paved parking area, a handicapped-accessible fishing pier, handicapped-accessible restrooms, picnic tables with grills, a pavilion and two playgrounds. A large grass field provides a place for play, and a long peninsula along Fordney Bayou offers an attractive area for fishing and to the birdwatcher.

    Times of Operation: 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., 7 days a week. Open 24 hours a day for fishermen.
    Admission: Free

  3. Lets not forget Johnson’s Fishing Camp located at 8140 South Lakeshore Dr. Just west of the 40/8 club. It is the oldest family owned marina on the lake. It still belongs to the same owner since 1978, Mr. Percy Johnson. It is under new management, Jim Steward, and things are happening at Johnson’s. I would think with over 300 launches in the month of March, we would deserve a mention and a spot on that map of all the launches. I am Jim Steward and I would like someone that is in charge of this website to get in touch with me to make arrangements for us to be Listed on the Cross Lake website. I can be reached at 272-0444. Thanks, good fishing and God Bless

      1. Jim, I am looking for a home base to dock my 14X40 houseboat. We plan to move it to Cross Lake from Lake O the Pines in a few months. It’s getting all new floatations currently. Then we’ll put in a flush toilet n holding tank, new motor which will be wired up to the captain’s stand, then ready to transport.
        Is there a website where I can see photos of your facilities n houseboat slips, and get a price per month? I’ve been to Melvins, not sure their slips are wide enough.
        Susan Anderson

        1. Susan, my name is Deborah Schmidt, did you have a crane company place your houseboat into the lake? I am SEARCHING for one on cross lake.

      2. I would recommend putting my damn bathtub in that place on Johnson Landing there’s more drugs and stealing thief and s*** going on then you know what to do with you couldn’t you can’t do anything for that Laney there’s still they stole everything I got and then they want to ground cuz they’re so high on drugs just spreading all kinds of dumb s*** I mean please whatever you do do not leave your stuff when Wayne’s hands does that sound it’s ain’t worth a s*** that’s the

        1. Hmmm that definitely hasn’t been my kind of experience there. I almost always have things in the back of my truck that one could steal if they wanted to but nothing has ever been stolen. Wayne is always very helpful and quiet fun to fish with. The suspicion that drugs might be going on has never entered my mind. Caught some good fish right off the bank and out in my kayak out of Johnsons and would recommend them…

  4. Not sure if ArkLaTex Landing is doing launches anymore, I’d call first. He still does boat and jetski rentals though.

    1. There have been some really big houseboats on the lake and the sailboats are pushing over 30 feet in some cases. The problem you’ll have is that this is a shallow lake. But a powerboat is not going to draw nearly as much water as a sailboat so if you can tow it there, you’re almost certain to be fine.. Also, there’s the question of where will you keep it?

  5. Are there any boathouses on Cross lake for rent where you have 24 hour access to power as well? I have a 16 foot pontoon boat with an electric motor with lithum batteries that needs to be left charging when not in use.
    Thanks Anthony

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