9.48 Pound Bass Caught on Cross Lake

Joe Mitchell of Jamestown, Louisiana. He reeled in this 26 inch length, 18 3/4 inch girth, and 9.48 pound beauty. Mitchell is going to participate in the Bass Life program “catch and release” Trophy Replica Program and receive a discounted replica. The fish was released and swam back out into the rainy lake just waiting to be reeled in by one of you in the future! 🙂


2 thoughts on “9.48 Pound Bass Caught on Cross Lake

  1. I recently landed a 8.76 bass 24 inch length and 18.5 girth. I too release the bass and participated in the bass life replica program. I am glad to see a program like this. To be able to forever remember my biggest bass to date and also have a chance for the fish to live and co tinue the cycle. Thank you to cross lake patrol officers as well as the Bass Life founders.

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