walter b jacobs memorial nature park in shreveort

Walter B Jacobs Nature Park :Things To Do In Shreveport near Cross Lake For Free With Kids

Things to do in Shreveport for free with kids

That’s right not everything in Shreveport costs money, and if you are looking for something fun to do with your kids in Shreveport for free, then you should visit Walter B Jacobs Nature park. The location is also available for birthday parties for kids for a nominal fee.

The Walter B Jacobs Nature Park in Shreveport, LA is a 160-acre nature park featuring numerous hiking trails as well as a fantastic children’s learning center. The learning center includes a display of dozens of snakes from Louisiana as well as other reptiles and animals. The learning center is a fantastic stop for kids to visit in Shreveport, LA. As you’ll see in several of the pictures is the park also typically has a baby alligator on display in an aquarium. Depending on the feeding schedule, you might get to see a baby alligator eat a mouse.

The Walter B Jacobs Nature Park was donated by Walter B Jacobs’ son in 1976 with 160 acres included. Walter B Jacobs died in in 1902 and his son, Walter donated it at age 82.

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Baby Alligator on Display in Aquarium at Walter B Jacobs Memorial Nature Park in Shreveport

Rattle snake 
Snakes on display at Walter B Jacobs Nature park



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