Are Cigarette Boats and Excessive Noise Becoming a Nuisance?

There are an increasing number of Cigarette boats on Cross Lake in Shreveport. Many residents that live on Cross Lake think the boats are a nuisance because of the noise level they put out. Please take the polls below.

Cigarette Boats and Excessive Noise Becoming a Nuisance

6 thoughts on “Are Cigarette Boats and Excessive Noise Becoming a Nuisance?

  1. If there are violations of the law which can be proven in court, so be it. Law enforcement shouldn’t be based on public opinion polls. Statistics are subject to the maxim: Figures lie, liars figure. Without an objective standard and the ability to determine if that standard is violated, which is not provided by even scientific polling data, enforcement will be a waste of time and perhaps even more costly in court.

  2. There are mufflers on cars and trucks so their engine noise will be limited. There should also be a noise (decibel) limit allowed by boats on Cross Lake. Why should relative quiet & tranquility be ruined for all, because a few want their roaring boats? Cross Lake has PLENTY of regulating, always has. “No Swimming” in most parts of the lake………? Why shouldn’t there also be a limit on how much noise pollution your boat can put out?

  3. They chose to live on the lake that’s just part of it if u don’t like it move !! Boats are for fun if people want loud fast boats that’s their business and its a public lake if the boat is legal and they aren’t being unsafe or people others in danger leave them be!! Every party has a pooper !!! Don’t be that person!!

  4. Fast boats is one thing Jeffrey, “loud” is something else. If people don’t want loud booming boats that’s their business, YOU MOVE. Take your booming cigarette boat to the river, or some lake that isn’t as heavily populated as Cross lake. Every party has a piece of poop that doesn’t have any respect for the privacy of others. You are apparently one of those persons.

  5. yes i was out on the lake driftfishing,which i do alot of. it was one of those boats out there. it was loud. but at least they kept their distance from us unlike these people in these ski boats that want to blow right by us within feet of us.also when i went up to barons they came up, it was two women and two men in the boat. they was very nice to us talked to us and seemed to be great people.unlike that rude ahole that was renting a boat stall that thought he owned the lake. these people that has these boats spend money on a sticker and at barons,so they have the right to be out there just like the people in their sailboats.

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