Mitt Romney Sign Vandal Caught On Tape In Shreveport Louisiana

Caught red handed? The individual in this video vandalizes and tears down the Mitt Romney signs in a Shreveport neighborhood near Cross Lake is caught red handed, at least on video.  The signs were on private property.  No arrests have been made.  The audio on this video is a bit difficult to understand.

Perp in Red Shirt: “You aiight, I am.  I’m good.  Nuttin, all dem Mitt Romney signs, tear dat shit from over there……all dem Mitt Romney signs… tear dat shit down.”

This is the 14th time that the home owner Jim O’Brock has had his signs stolen or vandalized before he decided to put up video surveillance.

Do you think this person should go to jail or face a fine?


8 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Sign Vandal Caught On Tape In Shreveport Louisiana

      1. That’s because you the one who done it WHaHA! & Hell yeah, they should goto jail, have to pay bond, higher a lawyer, pay court costs, and top of whatever the judge says, also pay a fine. BOOYA

  1. Anyone caught stealing or vandalizing campaign signs ought to have to purchase replacement signs, thereby giving their own money to the opposition. That’d have quite the dampening effect on their misplaced patriotic fervor 😀

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