Awesome Sunset Pics on Cross Lake in Shreveport Louisiana

I took all these pics with my iPhone 4.


2 thoughts on “Awesome Sunset Pics on Cross Lake in Shreveport Louisiana

  1. I am looking for the person who took these great photos on their iphone. This is the new guy out on Shreveport Police Cross Lake Patrol, Crpl. Brian Michael. I snagged your pic of the heron on the pier off of google images and made up a few business cards to see how they would turn out and they look great! Well,…i’m sure that i should have sought your permission before i did even did that!
    However, the results were so good that i asking for permission to use this image for that purpose.
    Please let me know whether it would be okay for me to use your photo.
    If you would like to see one first before making a decision i would gladly show you. If you live on the lake i can drop one by.
    If you would like you can call for me at the Lake Patrol office 673-7245.

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