Super Hot and Seaweed Growing in Cross Lake

Its been very hot in Shreveport, LA the past month.  The high’s are in the 100’s and with the heat index the highs have been up to 115.  The water in Cross Lake is not providing a nice refreshing feeling like it did a few months ago, its like jumping into a hot tub.  I’ve taken my boat down to the far west end of the lake several times over the last couple of weeks and when I get close to the shore on the west side, I’ve been getting seaweed stuck in my prop (big pain to pull out).  It looks like the late night alligator spotlighting is done for a little while until the weeds go away.

Boat traffic has definitely slowed on the weekdays and also on the weekend. I just wish I could keep the birds from pooping on my boat while its parked in the boat stall.  Please feel free to provide recommendations.

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