Cross Lake – Shreveport won’t build fence to fight salvinia

This article from the Shreveport Times is says the city is NOT going to build a fence at the west end of Cross Lake to help with the salvinia problem.  Instead the city is going to dump a pesticide in the lake to help control the problem.   The pesticide they’re going to use costs ONLY $1800/gallon.  Are you kidding me?  What a great way to wreck the drinking supply of the city by dumping gallon after $1800 gallon in the drinking water.

The company the City of Shreveport is turning to for help, SePRO (from Indiana) is going to use a chemical called Galleon.  I can’t believe they would want to dump this stuff in our drinking water.  What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Cross Lake – Shreveport won’t build fence to fight salvinia

  1. Do we know if they actually went through with this? I have noticed a change in the taste and smell of the water in the past couple of months in Shreveport. However, this may not be in anyway related to the use of the pesticide in the water.

    1. I have not yet seen an update around this. Like anything having to do with projects the City of Shreveport does, it will take some time and it will probably not be done the right way, or the cost effective way. They really need to dredge the lake because the sediment is building up at about 1/2 inch/ year.

    2. every year, around this time there is an algi bloom in the lake that creates a taste to the water that resembles the way “moss” smells.. You can even taste it in the fish. I don’t believe it is related to the use of the pesticide. anyway, the environmental protection agency and the FDA has to approve the use of such pesticides before they can be used.

  2. Well if any one wants to get together to do something about the chemicals in the drinking waster I’m on board…Let me know

  3. I think bobby Johnson should be fired for taking under the table buy offs and greasing the palms of beaurcrats that never even been fishing in cross lake much less living on the west end on cross lake

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